Mirror, Mirror on the wall … can you help us teach phonics at all?

Did you know that a mirror (yes, a mirror) can be a highly effective tool when teaching your children phonics, reading, and spelling?     A hand-held mirror or a mirror on the wall is a game changer!

There is no doubt about it, teaching phonics is tricky.  Kids can be easily confused by similar letter sounds. When teaching your child how to pronounce consonants (we will talk about vowels another time), think about the various positions of your lips, teeth, and tongue:
·       Sometimes your lips are together (ex. /p/, /b/, /m/).
·       Sometimes your teeth are on your lip (ex. /f/, /v/).
·       Sometimes your tongue is between your teeth (ex. /th/).

·       Sometimes your tongue is touching behind your teeth (ex. /d/, /n/, /l/).

When teaching your child their consonant sounds, model the sound accurately and point out the positions of your mouth.  Then have your child practice pronouncing the sound while looking in the mirror.

Also, it can be worthwhile to teach your child the difference between voiced and unvoiced consonants.  If a consonant is voiced, you can feel the vocal chords in the throat vibrate (ex. /v/, /z/, /j/, /d/, /g/).  On the other hand, some consonants are unvoiced and you do not feel the vocal chords vibrate (ex. /f/, /s/, /h/, /t/, /k/).

Teaching phonics CAN be fun.  So, head to the dollar store and pick up a hand-held mirror. Decorate it with stickers to make it more personal.

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